You Win Some and You Lose Some

The title of this post perfectly sums some of my thoughts about adjusting to life in Iceland. While I have visited Iceland several times prior to my move here, and many of the things in this post I have discovered or seen on previous trips, I wanted to share with you a few of my “wins and losses” as I settle into my new home. These types of post will most likely show up on my blog from time to time as I continue to settle in and discover new things about life here. Now on to talking about some of my “wins and losses.”

Built in closet space is basically non-existent. Instead, closet space typically comes in the form of an Ikea wardrobe. Figuring out where all my clothes would go with such limited closet space would require a great deal of creative organization.

Clearly I had an explosion of clothes to deal with! Thankfully my closet is no longer on our living room floor and we finally figured out a way to make everything fit.


Another feature that tends to be MIA is an outlet in the bathroom. When I first realize this I assume it must be hidden, there’s no way that a bathroom couldn’t have an outlet! Unfortunately I wasn’t proven wrong in my findings and I have now set up my various hair styling items on the bedroom floor.
As long as no one steps on my straightener my hair styling area will work just fine:)
One more item missing in my new home is a dyer. Dyers are another household item that is not very common. Instead drying racks are used to hang up your clothes to dry.

The lack of a dyer doesn’t bother as much as I thought it would. Sure, it takes a bit longer to get your clothes to dry, but on the bright side I don’t have to worry about my clothes shrinking in the dyer 🙂

While I might not have spacious built in closets, outlets in my bathroom, or a dyer, I do get to enjoy some breathtaking views on a daily basis. Some of these photos were taken on a previous trip to Iceland and I am looking forward to visiting more beautiful places.

 These views are right near my house and I get to enjoy them when I go for my runs on the pathway that follows along the ocean.

Glymur, the highest waterfall in Iceland on a visit two years ago. I am looking forward to another hike this spring to see this gorgeous waterfall again.

A picturesque fishing town we stumbled upon on a road trip in Iceland a few springs ago.

On my second night here I finally had the chance to see the Northern Lights but wasn’t able to capture a clear picture of them. I will be sure to share a picture when I get the chance to see them again. Seeing the Northern Lights was definitely something on my bucket list, and I am looking forward to seeing more of them this winter.
While I may not have all the comforts that I have grown up with I am more than enjoying all the new wonderful things around me. Next post I will be sure to fill you in on my other happenings this past month that include, starting my Icelandic course, baking pumpkin rolls for a early Thanksgiving celebration, and some sights from my new neighborhood.
Until then here is a picture I took this morning on my walk to the bus stop. Winter has arrived!



6 thoughts on “You Win Some and You Lose Some

  1. Am so enjoying reading about your adventures and seeing pictures, it somehow makes it seem like you are not so far far away…..please keep it up, am so proud of you…..Lv GS

  2. I can’t access your blog from my work and it gives me something to look forward too. I’m so proud of you and the wonderful young lady you are and I am the lucky guy to call you my daughter! What a grand adventure and how great that you are journaling it all. When I was young, what you call “blogging” we called journaling… Haha. I’m in Portland the next three days for a Board Conference, but look forward to reading more from you! What an amazing girl you are! I love watching you spread your wings to fly. Papa Dean used to say: Let them go, watch them grow! Have a great day tomorrow. Love, Dad

  3. When I moved to England I was pretty outraged at the no plugs in the bathroom thing. My boyfriend insists it’s for safety, as it’s a fire hazard, but then I point out to him when he accidentally takes my keys locking me in the house, (houses in England tend to only lock by key I’ve found) that that’s a safety hazard and I could burn. We have a lot of these stupid arguments haha. Funny you left Oregon, I want to get to it!

    • Haha oh the joys of being a intercultural couple! Keeps things interesting though 🙂 What a small world, maybe one day we will both be back in Oregon and we can meet up!

      • That would be super random, I’d much rather come to iceland! haha. Also, just read your most recent post, so cool you are really trying to learn the language.

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