First Month in Iceland by the Numbers

6 bags of luggage

You better believe I shoved as many clothes and pairs of shoes as possible in those 6 bags! I am still surprised that we managed to find room for all my luggage with our limited storage space!

3 year anniversary celebrated 

4 weeks of Icelandic language classes 


3 days of getting on the wrong bus until I finally figured my bus route out

My bus stop at almost 9 in the morning. The dark days of winter are here 😦

1 Icelandic Langauge Day, “Dagur Íslenskrar Tungu” celebrated

Our class celebrate by singing Icelandic songs.

Multiple feelings of homesickness 

When you get pictures like these how can you not miss home!

visits to my favorite place to study


4 hours baking pumpkin rolls for an early Thanksgiving celebration 

It was a much longer process than anticipated 
But so worth it!
3 days of sporadic snowfall

1 Icelandic phrase mastered

Translation: It is very cold! 
1 strand of Christmas lights hung up 
If there is already snow outside that means its time to decorate for Christmas 🙂
Countless moments of laughter and fun



15 thoughts on “First Month in Iceland by the Numbers

  1. Wow… what a treat for a Dad so far away to come home from a long day at work and to follow his Kit and what is happening in her world! Love your pictures and stories that accompany them. You sound so good and happy. That is what is important to me is that you are happy no matter where you are or what you are doing. I am so proud of you and who you are! Looking forward to talking to you this weekend! Love, Dad

    • Thanks Dad! I feel luck to have such a supportive family no matter where in the world I may be. Loving writing on my blog, a new hobby has definitely been born! Looking forward to talking on skype this weekend. Love, Kit

    • Agreed! Something about fresh snow just brings out the inner kid in me and makes everything seem so magical:) I know right, the Icelandic language is so difficult, maybe one day I will be able to carry a conversation with someone other than a 4 year old:)

    • I figured writing things down in numbers would be better than me rambling on and on about what happens during the first month of living abroad;) Ha thanks although I am sure learning to speak Korean can’t be any easier! I am constantly asking my boyfriend questions when I am trying to do my homework, nothing like learning a new language to challenge the mind!

    • Thanks so much for reading! Anytime your feeling a need for snow I am sure Iceland will have you covered. Although we are having a heat wave this week, 5 degrees almost everyday, Icelanders are already pulling out their shorts and sandals 🙂

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