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Hi! I am Kaelene, Kiki to my friends, and the voice behind Unlocking Kiki. I am 24 year old newly turned expat living in Reykjavík, Iceland with my boyfriend, whom happens to be Icelandic, and may be the reason behind my move to Iceland 🙂


Moving away from loved ones, learning a new language, and adjusting to life in a foreign country is a challenge for anyone. My blog is where I share my journey as I deal with these challenges, sometimes with a great sense of humor and patience’s, other times frustration and a bit of a breakdown may occur.

While I may be new at to this whole expat thing, one thing I know for sure is that you better be able to laugh at yourself and enjoy the ride, bumps and all.


And if you had to leave your adorable golden retriever Azora at home (many tears where shed at that goodbye) you can go out and pet an Icelandic pony and pretend it is your lovable pup 🙂


I invite you to follow along as I settle into life in Iceland, struggle through the Icelandic language (grocery shopping is now viewed as a test of my small Icelandic vocabulary), cope with homesickness, and most important, experience all the amazing things my new home has to offer.

wpid-Svarfadardalur-Godafoss-14-2.JPGGoðafoss, one of many beautiful waterfalls in Iceland

wpid-422669_3534482001509_1256071996_3552381_26482993_n-4.jpgReykjavík and Esjan in the wintertime

wpid-Iceland-129.JPGThank you for checking out my blog. I hope you follow along and enjoy the journey of Unlocking Kiki!

wpid-524174_494284207297286_888124367_n-2.jpgLets Connect!

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