A Day to be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!

Every year our Thanksgiving dinner always starts off with going around the table and each person saying what they are thankful for.


While I won’t be sitting around my families Thanksgiving table this year (this was my year to be upgraded from the kid table to!) I have so much to be thankful for so Unlocking Kiki has now become my own personal Thanksgiving table to share my thanks with. Don’t worry, I will do a shortened version of all that I am thankful for it would take far to much time to write them all down, and besides there is a pumpkin roll to be ate!


This Thanksgiving I am thankful for:

My Family


I may be the only blonde but these are my people and no matter where in the world I may be I always know that are behind me 100 percent. Whether I need someone to listen to my breakdowns, help pack my bags, or give me a pep talk, I can always count on my family.

They also provide airport pickups, crazy outfits included. Ya, I know there awesome.

Life as an expat brings many challenges. From visa troubles, language barriers, and homesickness, you never know what you may deal with next.  Having family support to rely on, as I am sure many of my fellow expats would agree, is such a blessing. One skype or phone call from home can really help to get you through those tough times abroad.

They are pretty amazing and I gladly claim them, even if they go in public in their pajamas I still love them 😉

My Travels

The first time I left the country was when I was 21 and headed to Australia for a 3-month internship.


Since then I haven’t stopped and have visited 7 more countries, and am looking forward to visiting many more.


Rome 2012

 An entire blog series is necessary to describe how travel has changed me (which probably will be happening at some point so be on the look out for it)but I still wanted to mention it here. Without travel I wouldn’t be where I am today and I am so thankful for this opportunity I have to live in Iceland.


This Guy


And of course I am always thankful for wine, lots of wine 😉

But seriously I am so thankful for this guy. Having spent most of our 3 year relationship long distance I am so happy to finally have my best friend, travel buddy, my favorite comedian, and my biggest supporter in the same country as me.

Greece 2012

Hopefully one year I can show him what Thanksgiving is all about. You know, eating so much you have to unbutton your pants(or your smart and just wear stretchy pants to the feast), napping on the couch, waking up to eat more, quality family time. 🙂

My Dog

Ya I know, I am totally that crazy dog lady and proud of it.  In my defense how could I not be with such an adorable pup, just look at that face.Azora

Yes my dog really does need an entire photo collage dedicated to her 🙂 Really though I love my dog and she deserved a shout out on Thanksgiving. Sadly she is not with me in Iceland, fur coats don’t go to well with her body shape;) Instead she decided to stay in rainy Oregon where she is spoiled rotten by my family. She does tend to make appearances on skype, well more like she tries to lay onto of the computer, were working on it.


While I have so much more to be thankful for this year I will stop there because I keep getting distracted by the delicious pictures of food my family is sending me. Check out this picture of a pumpkin trifle my parents made.IMG_5620                   Drool worthy, this will need to be made when I am home, even if its in middle of summer!

I am off to skype with my family so they will stop taunting me with all these pictures of delicious food. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Does your family have any traditions on Thanksgiving?                                              My family always gets together the night before Thanksgiving to prepare most of the food. It helps make Thanksgiving day a little less stressful with most of the preparation already done. It is always a great time with my family, lots of dancing in the kitchen, taste testing all the foods, and a kitchen full of laughter, doesn’t get better than that.

How about you all? Any special traditions in your family for Thanksgiving?